Short Term Cover For Your Motor

There can be many benefits and advantages of taking out a cheap temporary car insurance policy in the UK. Protecting a no claims bonus is one should a decent discount have been built up over the years on a standard policy.

Several situations occur where considering a short term policy may be necessary, whether you want to just insure for one day or need up to a months cover. Such as taking a test drive on a car you are thinking of buying. Or sharing the driving on a longer journey.

Whenever there is a need for a bigger car for some purpose, the last thing one would want to do is look for cheaper annual car insurance. However, there is no longer any need to go for insurance plans that charge on annual basis, as there are short-term car insurance policies available in the market. With temporary motor insurance plans, it is possible to go ahead and have the risks covered for a duration that can be as little as one day, or you could insure for a week. With the maximum duration of coverage being 28 days, most of the companies have temporary policies available to make it easier for people to get out on road in as little time as possible. Here are some of the reasons why having short-term vehicle cover in UK is a wise thing to do:

1. Taking short term cover doesn’t affect the no-claim bonus one gets on the regular plan

Any claim filed on a temp quote will not affect the no claim bonus one gets on his regular insurance. This makes sure that the no-claim bonus that has taken months to build up is not affected due to driving something new and unfamiliar. While most of the short-term policies offered in the market are comprehensive in every aspect, it is also possible to have 3rd party, fire and theft cover as an add-on.

2.The money one pays for the policy is reasonable

Considering the money that is paid for short-term insurance each day, annual policy comes out to be far more inexpensive. However, the importance of temp policies cannot be ignored when it comes to having the risks covered for a small duration. Short-run auto cover usually starts at about £ 10 per day, but, like annual insurance, the quote will depend on several factors including the age of the driver, the car itself and the area where the car will be kept.

3.European cover can be added

Some providers allow customers to have their risks covered in the entire Europe at an additional charge of around 20 per cent. This can be useful when driving abroad.

Who is eligible for this type of policy?

Young drivers might find it more expensive to get this kind of vehicle cover. In addition, this insurance is only available for drivers that are more than 23 years of age. However, there are many exceptions. For example, Swinton will issue a short term policy to a person who is just 21 years of age, provided he meets all the necessary requirements.

In most of the cases, drivers must have a valid UK or EU license before they can be issued a temp policy. In addition to that, the license must be at least one year old.

Driving licenses from Australia, Canada and US are generally not accepted. So, it is good to check with the company before making further plans. In addition, make sure that the disqualifications, penalty points and previous claims have been considered, as they can all affect your eligibility for the temporary cover.

Having a short-term motor insurance makes sure that the person will be compensated for the losses, if his/her car is involved in an accident. The policy also covers the damage to the passengers and injuries of other people who got affected due to the accident.